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Attention! Windows Mobile Phone Call (dialers) shellcode

Greetings again, we all remember periods of 56k modems and the Internet bağlandığımız … those who know that periods of “dialers,” malicious programs they know … 900 and so on. lines connect to the infected computer’s owner gives money to the owner of the line wearing the phone bill programs :)
Shellcode’u typing this in my mind the first “mobile dialers” came to the event :) mobile malware, mobile devices become more important and so I think the coming days. often encounter problems … Continue reading


Official Facebook app for Windows Phone 7 now available

Facebook for Windows Phone 7

An officially-sanctioned and apparently Microsoft-made Facebook application has showed up in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Microsoft loves to tout WP7’s native social integration (especially with Facebook) throughout the OS, so whether this app is useful in any meaningful way remains to be seen. It may just be an effort to silence those who kept crying for a separate Facebook app to be available (and reportedly many people did). Continue reading

Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 Packs Intuitive, Visual Punch

Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s complete do-over of its mobile operating system, is off to a promising start with the Samsung Focus. Despite a few imperfections with usability and web browsing, the big M has polished a gem with this OS, and it truly shines through this iPhone lookalike’s beautiful display.

The Focus feels slick and smooth the first time you pick it up. It’s a teensy bit longer, wider and thicker than the iPhone 4 (4.84 x 2.56 x 0.39 inches compared with the iPhone 4’s 4.5 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches). And the Focus is lighter at 4.07 ounces, versus the iPhone 4’s 4.8 ounces. Holding it in your hand, you can tell the Samsung phone’s plastic parts are a bit cheaper than Apple’s luxury glass-and-metal components.

That’s not to say the Focus isn’t a sweet device, though: The vivid Super AMOLED display makes Windows Phone 7’s colorful tile-based interface a visual treat. Selecting a tile brings you into a “hub” containing integrated experiences for different features. For example, the Marketplace hub displays the four different software stores where you can purchase media: third-party apps, games, music and Samsung Zone, a separate app store serving software made by Samsung. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 nears the finish line with SDK release date

Even as Windows Phone 7’s launch rapidly approaches—currently expected to be October for the EU, November for the US—developers are still using incomplete beta tools for creating applications for Microsoft’s new phone platform. Though the company has still not announced exact launch dates for the phones, it hasrevealed a few more key developer details. The final, complete developer tools will ship on September 16, and Marketplace will start accepting application submissions from early October. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 web browser vs iPhone 4 and Nexus One

I know you love a good fight: two or more opponents duking it out to determine the ultimate champion has engaged the human race since their very beginnings*. Well, like the gladiators of old, I have a video of just such a tourney.

PocketMobile have pitched the browsing experience on the only WinPho 7 handset to date — the

LG Panther — against the iPhone 4 and a Froyo-powered Nexus One. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 reaches “technical preview”; WP7 phones being released to developers

Today Microsoft announced that its Windows Phone 7 smartphone OS has reached the technical preview stage, which means that prototype handsets with the latest build of the OS can now be sent out to developers. Microsoft claims that thousands of these prototype ASUS, LG, and Samsung devices will be heading out to developers over the next few weeks.


Dynamic Initialization of Variables

Chaitanya Raje a developer on Compiler and Tools team for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE. This is my first blog on msdn. I hope I will be able to share out some insights into new features and commonly known issues about using the compilers and related tools through my blogs.

I would like to start with a write-up on dynamic initialization of variables in C++. C++ (but not C) allows you to initialize global variables with non-constant initializers. For e.g.:

According to the C/C++ standards global variables should be initialized before entering main(). In the above program, variable ‘i’ should be initialized by return value of function alpha(). Since the return value is not known until the program is actually executed, this is called dynamic initialization of variable. Continue reading