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Palm Pre 2 hits UK 12 November

HP confirms Brits getting it this week

Palm Pre 2 hits UK 12 November

While the French, thanks to mobile phone carrier SFR, have been enjoying the new Palm Pre 2 for a couple of weeks now, those outside of France have had to look on with steely eyes.

But that wait is soon to be over, says HP.

Hewlett Packard has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the Palm Pre 2, sporting the new webOS 2.0, will be available SIM-free in the UK from Friday 12 November.

Featuring webOS 2.0, the Palm Pre 2 will pack a 1GHz CPU and have a 5-megapixel camera, a glass screen, plus “a sleeker, streamlined design that still gives users the ideal combination of a vivid touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard”.

The new webOS 2.0 is the evolution of the software that was present on the first wave of Palm handsets and brings with it True Multitasking; Just Type, which lets you compose without opening an app; HP Synergy and Exhibition apps, for when your phone is charging and Flash 10.1, Skype, TextAssist, Quickoffice mobile suite and Facebook 2.0.





HP Palm Pre 2 sold direct, unlocked, Gorilla Glass confirmed

HP has confirmed that its HP Palm Pre 2 will be sold directly through HP SIM-unlocked. Also confirmed is that the device will include premium Gorilla Glass in a sign that HP has worked hard to ensure that Pre 2 build quality is improved over the original Pre. HP Palm Senior Product Manager Tim Pettitt (video below) demos the new device and explains that the development focus in the new webOS 2 has been on optimizing speed and multi-tasking performance. Continue reading

HP Palm officially announces webOS 2.0

Palm Logo

HP has officially announced the launch of version 2.0 of its webOS mobile operating system, considered to be Palm’s response to Apple’s iOS 4 and Google’s Android 2.2. The latest version of the proprietary-but-Linux-based mobile OS features built-in support for Adobe Flash 10.1 for viewing web content in the included browser and improved multi-tasking support, which the company calls “true multitasking”. Users can easily switch between open applications without needing to close current apps by viewing running programs using a “card stacks” view that displays open apps in the order they were last used. Continue reading

Is This the New Palm Pre II?

Is This the New Palm Pre II?

rench site MobiFrance claims that this is the new Palm Pre II. It looks almost the same as the previous model but, according to them, the renewed WebOS 2.0 smartphone will come with a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM.

If this is true, I’m underwhelmed. After HP purchased Palm, I was really hoping for something better, fully touch-based, with a better high resolution screen, and with a new slim design. Perhaps this is just an update to the old model, and we should expect something more exciting for CES2011. Something like the rumored 960 x 640-pixel touchscreen Roadrunner HD.


Details of vulnerabilities in the Palm Pre and Android published

In an interview with PC Pro, Alex Fidgen, director of security services provider MWR, has spilled the beans on the vulnerabilities in the Palm Pre and Android, both of which now appear to have been plugged. According to Fidgen, it was possible to inject and execute code on the Palm Pre by opening a crafted vCard e-mail attachment. This gave the attacker remote control of the device and enabled them to use it as a remote listening device. Continue reading