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BlackBerry Bold 9780 review

Still a killer QWERTY communicator

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The BlackBerry Bold 9780 takes RIM’s flagship QWERTY device – the Bold 9700 – gives it a fresh new operating system with BlackBerry 6 and spits out a practically identical handset. It isn’t a new move from BlackBerry, we’ve seen them release multiple devices with minor hardware differences in the past – remember the BB Curve 83xx series?

Here too the BlackBerry Bold 9780 looks every bit the same as the 9700. The colours have perhaps been changed, our current Bold 9700 has chrome trim running across the bottom of the keypad, up the sides and across the top, whereas our 9780 is all black, so it looks like a stealth Bold. Of course, we can’t claim to have seen all the colourways of the 9700, so even this might not be new. Continue reading


Five Alternative Android Keyboards to Speed Up Mobile Touch Typing

Five Alternative Android Keyboards to Speed Up Mobile Touch Typing

Let’s face it: Typing on your touchscreen phone with your big fat fingers is still too difficult and error-prone. These alternate Android keyboards aim to make text entry on a tiny touchscreen faster and easier using radical redesigns and smarter predictive text.

Ed. note: We’ve featured most of these keyboards on their own at Lifehacker, but here’s a nice side-by-side comparison of some of the best alternate Android keyboards. Continue reading

5 new WebOS devices revealed in WebOS 2 codename bonanza?

We already know that HP are planning on squirting out a bevy of webOS devices some time in the future, but we now have some kind of unofficial confirmation that reveals a list of 5 codenames for said upcoming devices.

A keen-eyed WebOS Internals user — Destinal — has dug around the code for the recently released webOS Doctor for webOS 2.0, and came across the references in a string of code that displays “temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices.”

So, what are the codenames? Stingray, Mantaray, Broadway, Windsor, and Roadrunner (aka thePalm Pre 2).

This only confirms the existence of 4 new devices floating around Palm/HP HQ, and doesn’t even guarantee their release, let alone give us juicy details like form-factor or hardware specs.

But, now that we know the codenames, perhaps details will start leaking just that much more frequently. Well, we can always hope.



Sharp Galapagos adds an extra dimension to Android’s appeal

Sharp Galapagos adds an extra dimension to Android's appeal

Sharp has been talking up its glasses-free 3D phone at both IFA (wherePocket-lint got hands on with a prototype model) and Cetac, and now the device has come to life in the real world, with the announcement over in Japan of the Sharp Galapagos 003SH and 005SH Android handsets. Continue reading

Security firm reportedly discovered 88 critical holes in Android

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Security analysts Coverity have reportedly found 88 critical vulnerabilities in the kernel of Google’s open source Android mobile operating system. When analysing a HTC (Droid) Incredible running Android 2.1, Coverity say they encountered such problems as uninitialised variables and memory corruptions. Continue reading

Will there be a Google Nexus Two after all? – Update

The next Google phone will be a Samsung and similar to the 4-inch Galaxy S smartphone – if rumours that have been spreading for a few days are to be believed. Google and Samsung allegedly intend to present this phone on the 8th of November – at an event where Google plans to release details on the next version of Android, code named “Gingerbread” (which may be version number 2.3 instead of 3.0, after all). Although only last July Google CEO Eric Schmidt had said that there would be no Nexus Two. Continue reading

HP Palm Pre 2 sold direct, unlocked, Gorilla Glass confirmed

HP has confirmed that its HP Palm Pre 2 will be sold directly through HP SIM-unlocked. Also confirmed is that the device will include premium Gorilla Glass in a sign that HP has worked hard to ensure that Pre 2 build quality is improved over the original Pre. HP Palm Senior Product Manager Tim Pettitt (video below) demos the new device and explains that the development focus in the new webOS 2 has been on optimizing speed and multi-tasking performance. Continue reading