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HTC Desire HD vs HTC Desire

Save yourself the cash or bust the budget on the big one?

HTC Desire HD vs HTC Desire

Both the HTC Desire HD and original HTC Desire were certified as Pocket-lint Hot Products after rigorous inspection from our reviews team. While there’s no doubt that one is a more up to date and spec-wise superior handset, the question is: how much better is it? Sitting there with cash in hand, is it worth shelling out the extra on the HTC Desire HD or is the experience just as good on the straight Desire? Would you be best off going cheap and biding your time for the next upgrade instead? With the current market difference around £100, Pocket-lint investigates. Continue reading


HTC 7 Pro arriving in UK and rest of Europe ‘early next year’

So what if Microsoft’s nicest WP7 slate phones all went to Europe and the rest of the un-American world? At least we’ll have the HTC 7 Pro, the true Windows Phone 7 workhorse, with its tilt-sliding QWERTY keyboard and compact 3.6-inch size. Well, as it turns out, that device will be availabe in Europe too! We’ve just confirmed with HTC that the 7 Pro is definitely headed to the UK and its Euro neighbors, with the current roadmap set for “early next year.” It’s still too soon to discuss potential carriers, but we’re sure our British buddies will be chuffed just to know the handset’s coming their way.


HTC’s G2 gets rooted in record time

This is just the obligatory post for any new Android device that gets its root on. It looks like our beloved XDA-Developers have gotten their hands on a G2 and already have rooted the little guy. Continue reading

HTC Desire HD and Desire Z Hands-on

HTC Desire HD and Desire Z Hands-on

It was long awaited, but finally the HTC press event with the mysterious smokescreen invite has spilled the beans on two exciting new phones, and even more exciting new functionalities of Sense UI. Was it worth the wait and the hype? Certainly, be it only for the chance to experience the renowned HTC build quality on two long-awaited additions to its portfolio, such as the European versions of the EVO 4G and the T-Mobile G2.

We had the chance to be there, and to touch and feel the freshly announced HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z, both running a new version of HTC’s Sense UI, that is all about cloud services. We fondled and examined the Froyo-running smartphones from all possible angles, and are following up with our images and video impressions. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 web browser vs iPhone 4 and Nexus One

I know you love a good fight: two or more opponents duking it out to determine the ultimate champion has engaged the human race since their very beginnings*. Well, like the gladiators of old, I have a video of just such a tourney.

PocketMobile have pitched the browsing experience on the only WinPho 7 handset to date — the

LG Panther — against the iPhone 4 and a Froyo-powered Nexus One. Continue reading

Google sells out of Nexus Ones for devs, ‘working hard’ to get more; SLCD not alleviating backorders yet

The Nexus One retail situation has been pretty dire since Google humanely put down its own online store, leaving only paid developers with an easy option to get an unlocked unit (and only an AWS 3G version at that). Now, even that’s been taken away — at least temporarily — thanks to unexpectedly strong demand that left Google to “blow through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time” and run up a backorder with HTC. Interestingly, Google specifically points out that HTC is doing a good job with manufacturing despite the AMOLED shortage, which leads us to wonder whether the SLCD version is shipping in quantity yet — and considering how the Nexus One and Desire are well into midlife, we wonder whether it makes sense to even bother at this point when we’ve got next-gen products just around the corner. Good news is that Google still seems committed to getting Nexus Ones back in stock for developers, we just don’t know when that’s going to happen.


Ubuntu Running on Nexus One [Video]

Using a combination of the Google Nexus One, Android, smarts, and AndroidVNC, Max from took Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux OS and got it up and running for the device. He hasn’t gone into too much detail about how he was able to do it yet, but he did offer up a nice video tutorial showing how you can do the same.

Continue reading