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iPhone Game Developer?

Here’s a secret: Anybody can learn the skills necessary to make remarkable iPhone games. Yes, yes, yes! The title “game developer” is no longer limited to engineers. Although it might sound like rocket science at first, the truth is that anyone can build a nifty iPhone game with rockets in it, along with spectacular space explosions, out-of-this-world sounds, and evil aliens.

There are many reasons for this. For one, the iPhone platform has drastically changed the landscape of next-generation mobile gaming. Ian Marsh, iPhone game developer and co-author of Apress’s latest book “Beginning iPhone Games Development,” explains, “the iPhone is a device of many firsts, and its multifaceted nature is what pushes it above and beyond traditional mobile gaming platforms. The iPhone’s ubiquity, connectivity, personal integration, mass appeal, innovative user interface, and low barrier to entry all combine to make it one of the most potent and exciting platforms to develop for today.”

Furthermore, the iTunes App Store’s ease of use, combined with the availability of so many games, can turn anyone into a gamer, casual or otherwise. A developer can create games that will be enjoyed by all types of people – from a child on a car ride, to a Halo fan away from his Xbox, to a grandfather relaxing in his chair. The iPhone makes games available to people who previously never considered gaming important enough to warrant buying one on any device.