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iDiscrete – Secure / Hide Content on iPhone – iPod Touch & iPad

Today our featured App from the App Storeis ‘iDiscrete‘ Which securely store your private content like Video, Images and Files on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in a discreet way. Rather than requiring a suspicious looking password, iDiscrete employs its patented Touch Sequence Protection™. This works by bringing up a nondescript “Loading” screen upon entry to the application, which registers touch input in 8 separate locations. Continue reading


PayPal fixes critical vulnerability in its iPhone app

PayPal Logo

PayPal iPhone

PayPal has released an update for its iPhone app aimed at blocking phishing attacks. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, vulnerable versions of the app fail to check the PayPal web site’s SSL certificate correctly, or at all. The Android app does not appear to be affected. The vulnerability was discovered by security company viaForensics. Continue reading

Browser App to Deliver Flash to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Steve Jobs has successfully prevented Adobe Flash from getting on the iPhone for years, but a new iOS app promises to bring Flash video to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without upsetting the CEO.

Demonstrated below, Skyfire is a web browser that automatically transcodes Flash video into HTML5 so it can display on your iDevice (instead of the blue Lego block symbolizing a lack of Flash support).

Continue reading

Grab iPhone-Mounting Application Phone Disk Free Through Dec. 1

iPad, iTouch or iPhone Disk Mode is made easy with Phone Disk. Using your standard USB cable, this tiny program runs in the menu bar or system tray of your Mac or PC. When it finds an iPod Touch or iPhone it seamlessly mounts it to your file system so you can directly access its files using Windows Explorer, Finder and every other program.



Managing Android devices with Google Apps


At this year’s Google Enterprise Day event in Tokyo, Google announced plans to improve the usability of Android devices in companies. To provide mobile access to corporate networks, many Android devices already offer tight integration with Google Apps, including Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar, as well as mobile access to Google Docs. Continue reading

Secret SMS Replicator App Banned

There are some apps that are good and then there are some which are not. We have seen a lot of them get taken out at the Apple iTunes store and the Android Marketplace is no different.

With malicious apps like this one, the Secret SMS Replicator, the text messaging app has been stricken out after 18 hours of being available. Now while its removal may be commendable, you have to wonder about the approval process of apps over at the Android Marketplace since the said app was able to pass their standards in the first place. Overlooked or a goof?



Newsweek for iPad now has in-app subscriptions

Newsweek for iPad

Newsweek has released an iPad application that has a major differentiating factor compared to other magazines’ iPad editions: in-app subscriptions. While the app itself is free to download, reading Newsweek issues inside it isn’t. The price for one issue is $2.99, a three-month subscription goes for $9.99 and a six-month subscription will set you back $14.99. Users of the iPad app will get access to new issues two days before their release on newsstands and the purchases are made inside the app itself. Continue reading