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MTS hacks into cybercrime for app skills

Russia’s MTS mobile phone company is seeking to create the country’s first market for mobile phone applications with a little help from an unorthodox supplier: Russia’s considerable community of computer hackers.

Inspired by the success of Apple iTunes’ lively app market, aimed at users of the iPhone and iPad, MTS, the largest Russian mobile phone provider, has joined forces with Vodafone and other global telecoms groups to create a common app standard, offering would be designers access to their customer bases. Continue reading


Apple to fix iPhone security flaw in next iOS

Apple promises to fix iPhone's latest security flaw in iOS 4.2.

Apple has acknowledged a newly-discovered security flaw in the iPhone and is promising to offer a fix with next month’s release of iOS 4.2.

The new flaw allows someone to access the phone dialer on a locked iPhone by punching a certain sequence of buttons, thereby giving them the ability to make phone calls, send e-mails, and access the address book. Confirmed by Wired Magazine, the Boy Genius Report, and other online sources, the flaw was reportedly first discovered and posted by a user on the MacRumors online forum on October 22.

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Workers poisoned while making iPhones

The workers say they were using the chemical n-hexane to glue and polish Apple products.

The workers say they were using the chemical n-hexane to glue and polish Apple products.

Workers in southern China, who say they were assembling Apple laptops and iPhones, have become seriously ill after using a dangerous chemical.

The Number Five People’s Hospital in Suzhou has been treating workers who breathed in vapours from the chemical n-hexane. Continue reading

FaceTime beta is a backdoor to Apple accounts

FaceTime Logo

As reports (German language link), until recently, the beta version of FaceTime, Apple’s video telephone software for Mac OS X, was quite careless with users personal data. When the just released FaceTime application was launched, the security question and the answer, along with the previous user’s birthday, from a previous log-in, could be accessed without having to log-in to that account. In combination with the Apple ID, which was also displayed, the password could be reset, providing complete access to the account currently registered making it possible, for instance, to go shopping in the iTunes Store with another user’s account.

The issue was problematic when more than one user shared the same computer, such as is the case with a publicly used Mac. Even if a user had properly logged out, the account could still be accessed because the application automatically put the password into the log-in dialogue. Apple reacted quickly and remedied the problem within the server. Now, a click on “View details” brings the user back to the general settings page.


Undercover Helps You Recover Your Stolen iOS Devices

Undercover Helps You Recover Your Stolen iOS Devices

iOS: iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads all make for good thief bait. If your iOS device has gone missing, Undercover can help you get it back.

Even if you’re getting robbed by this considerate thief, you probably want to try and get your Apple product back. We looked at how Prey can help you track and (hopefully) recover a stolen laptop, but if you’ve got an iOS device as well you might want to take a look at Undercover. Continue reading

Apple iPod Touch 2010 4th Generation

Multitasking 4th-Gen iPod Touch Is Finger-Swipin' Good

Multitasking 4th-Gen iPod Touch Is Finger-Swipin’ Good

There’s a joke widely told among tech nerds ending with a punch line that goes something like, “I loved my first gen iPod Touch when it could make calls and was called an iPhone.” Continue reading

iPhone hacker discovers a new Jailbreaking exploit; to fix it, Apple must ship new hardware

The news is good for iPhone jailbreakers everywhere this morning — but for Apple? Not so much.

Just minutes after the iOS 4.1 update became available to all, iPhone hacker pod2g has revealed that they’ve discovered a new bootrom exploit, with all recently released iOS hardware seemingly being vulnerable. In less geeky words: the iPhone 4? the new iPod Touch? If it was built anytime before today, it’s theoretically jailbreakable — and there’s not a whole lot Apple can do to fix that. Continue reading