BlackBerry Bold 9780 review

Still a killer QWERTY communicator

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The BlackBerry Bold 9780 takes RIM’s flagship QWERTY device – the Bold 9700 – gives it a fresh new operating system with BlackBerry 6 and spits out a practically identical handset. It isn’t a new move from BlackBerry, we’ve seen them release multiple devices with minor hardware differences in the past – remember the BB Curve 83xx series?

Here too the BlackBerry Bold 9780 looks every bit the same as the 9700. The colours have perhaps been changed, our current Bold 9700 has chrome trim running across the bottom of the keypad, up the sides and across the top, whereas our 9780 is all black, so it looks like a stealth Bold. Of course, we can’t claim to have seen all the colourways of the 9700, so even this might not be new. Continue reading


Web sites can launch iPhone applications without prompting

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Specially crafted web sites can launch iPhone and iPod Touch apps without the Safari browser asking the user for permission when certain URL protocol handlers (URL schemes) are called. For instance, according to security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani, a web site can use the iFrame to launch a Skype app and automatically call a number – provided that the user has saved Skype access data. Criminals would also be able to play around with a number of other applications. For a list of the protocols currently used in the iPhone, see the URL scheme index. Continue reading

Android holes allow secret installation of apps

Security researchers have demonstrated two vulnerabilities that allow attackers to install apps on Android and its vendor-specific implementations without a user’s permission. During normal installation, users are at least asked to confirm whether an application is to have certain access rights. Bypassing this confirmation request reportedly allows spyware or even diallers to be installed on a smartphone. Continue reading

Palm Pre 2 hits UK 12 November

HP confirms Brits getting it this week

Palm Pre 2 hits UK 12 November

While the French, thanks to mobile phone carrier SFR, have been enjoying the new Palm Pre 2 for a couple of weeks now, those outside of France have had to look on with steely eyes.

But that wait is soon to be over, says HP.

Hewlett Packard has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the Palm Pre 2, sporting the new webOS 2.0, will be available SIM-free in the UK from Friday 12 November.

Featuring webOS 2.0, the Palm Pre 2 will pack a 1GHz CPU and have a 5-megapixel camera, a glass screen, plus “a sleeker, streamlined design that still gives users the ideal combination of a vivid touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard”.

The new webOS 2.0 is the evolution of the software that was present on the first wave of Palm handsets and brings with it True Multitasking; Just Type, which lets you compose without opening an app; HP Synergy and Exhibition apps, for when your phone is charging and Flash 10.1, Skype, TextAssist, Quickoffice mobile suite and Facebook 2.0.




iDiscrete – Secure / Hide Content on iPhone – iPod Touch & iPad

Today our featured App from the App Storeis ‘iDiscrete‘ Which securely store your private content like Video, Images and Files on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in a discreet way. Rather than requiring a suspicious looking password, iDiscrete employs its patented Touch Sequence Protection™. This works by bringing up a nondescript “Loading” screen upon entry to the application, which registers touch input in 8 separate locations. Continue reading

Step by Step Guide to Install Android (Froyo) on iPhone 2G – iPhone 3G with Bootlace 2.1 Cydia Jailbreak App.

Quite sometime back we shared a detailed tutorial to Install the Android on iPhone 2G/3G using iPhoDroid which was quite popular until now. However with the Release of BootLace 2.1 a Cydia App you do not need to go through that lengthy procedure and above all everything is installed just right from your iPhone, You don’t have to connect it to your computer either.

Supported Devices and iOS (Excluding GM seeds):

  • iPhone 2G running on iOS 3.1.2 – 3.1.3
  • iPhone 3G running on iOS 3.1.2 – 3.1.3 – 4.0 – 4.0.1 – 4.0.2 – 4.1 Continue reading

Five Alternative Android Keyboards to Speed Up Mobile Touch Typing

Five Alternative Android Keyboards to Speed Up Mobile Touch Typing

Let’s face it: Typing on your touchscreen phone with your big fat fingers is still too difficult and error-prone. These alternate Android keyboards aim to make text entry on a tiny touchscreen faster and easier using radical redesigns and smarter predictive text.

Ed. note: We’ve featured most of these keyboards on their own at Lifehacker, but here’s a nice side-by-side comparison of some of the best alternate Android keyboards. Continue reading