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Hacker plants back door in Symbian firmware

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Indian hacker Atul Alex has had a look at the firmware for Symbian S60 smartphones and come up with a back door for it. By modifying version 5 of the original software – which runs on such devices as the Nokia 5800, Nokia X6, Nokia 5530XM, Sony Ericsson Satio and Sony Ericsson Vivaz – he has integrated a back door as a reverse shell, including support for Perl scripts. All of the smartphone’s functions can be remotely controlled, including the camera. Alex wrote the back door itself in Python. He plans to make the firmware available for free soon for downloading. Continue reading


Symbian OS Is Broken. Can It Be Fixed?

Quick, name the most popular smartphone operating system in the world: It isn’t Android, iPhone or the BlackBerry OS. Say hello to Symbian, an open source mobile OS that’s nearly a decade old. More than 300 million devices worldwide run Symbian. Some 41 percent of smartphones have Symbian on them.

Despite its popularity, Symbian is broken. The operating system’s user interface lacks the snazziness of its rivals, its touchscreen capabilities feel grafted on. It is slow, and developing apps for Symbian is hard.

With younger, prettier competitors in the market, Symbian seems like an aging actress that should have already stepped out of the spotlight. Continue reading

Cooperative to represent Symbian developers

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Only companies can become Symbian Foundation members and therfore play a role in decision-making over future developments in the open source mobile operating system. The Symbian Developer Cooperative (DevCo) has now been founded to ensure that the voices of individual programmers are not ignored. Continue reading

Screen shots of Symbian^4 develop

The Symbian Foundation has released some pictures of screen shots belonging to Symbian^4. The pictures were posted on the Symbian developer Wiki page and shows redesigned app categories, widgets, search, analog and digital clocks, pop-up menu and a numeric touch pad. It will probably be early in 2011 when Symbian^4 makes its debut on some of Nokia’s low to mid-range handsets, assuming that MeeGo has captured the high-end releases. Continue reading

Symbian: 10 cosas que deberían saber

symbian empresas g Symbian: 10 cosas que deberían saber

Les dejamos entonces las 10 cosas que deberían saber si tienen o si piensan comprar un teléfono con Symbian:

1.Una larga historia: las raíces de lo que se ha convertido hoy en día en el Sistema Operativo Symbian se remontan a 20 años atrás. La compañía británica Psion comenzó con el desarrollo del predecesor de Symbian llamado EPOC OS en 1987.

2. Un SO por sobre todos los demás: en 1998 los fabricantes de smartphones se aliaron para desarrollar y rearmar un software único en sus teléfonos, con la primer versión de Symbian lanzada en 2000. El primer teléfono que se presentó con este SO fue el Nokia 9210 Communicator, que permitía a los usuarios instalar sus propias aplicaciones, y fue lanzado en 2001.

3. Teléfono malabarista: Symbian es conocido especialmente por ser el primer SO de smartphones que permitía una especie de multitasking, es decir, funcionar con varias aplicaciones sin tener que cerrarlas todas, como el poder abrir el calendario y dejarlo de fondo consumiendo un mínimo de recursos. Continue reading