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Fast Access to Google Voice with Android Widgets

Mobile is all about getting super fast access to what you’re looking for and Google Voice is no exception. So, today we’re releasing an update to the Android app, which gives you immediate access to your Google Voice Inbox and settings via two new home screen widgets.

The Google Voice Inbox widget brings your most recent voicemails and text messages to your home screen. With the widget, you can now quickly flip through messages in your Inbox, and if you choose to select a message preview, it will open in the Google Voice app.

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Google cancels JavaOne participation

Google has announced that it will not be attending Oracle organised JavaOne conference because of the Oracle’s lawsuitwhich claims Google has infringed patents and copyright in developing Android’s Dalvik virtual machine. Joshua Bloch of Google’s Open Source Programs Office said that “Oracle’s recent lawsuit against Google and open source has made it impossible for us to freely share our thoughts about the future of Java and open source generally”. Simon Phipps, former Sun Open Source officer, said on his blog that Google’s decision is “going to be a big hole in the agenda since they employ all the good speakers… (well, most of them)”. Continue reading

Google responds to Android Market app protection cracks

It was discovered yesterday that an Android developer has discovered a relatively simple workaround that allows him to break the Android Market License Verification Library. All it takes is some hacking knowledge and changing an app’s Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 web browser vs iPhone 4 and Nexus One

I know you love a good fight: two or more opponents duking it out to determine the ultimate champion has engaged the human race since their very beginnings*. Well, like the gladiators of old, I have a video of just such a tourney.

PocketMobile have pitched the browsing experience on the only WinPho 7 handset to date — the

LG Panther — against the iPhone 4 and a Froyo-powered Nexus One. Continue reading

Google sells out of Nexus Ones for devs, ‘working hard’ to get more; SLCD not alleviating backorders yet

The Nexus One retail situation has been pretty dire since Google humanely put down its own online store, leaving only paid developers with an easy option to get an unlocked unit (and only an AWS 3G version at that). Now, even that’s been taken away — at least temporarily — thanks to unexpectedly strong demand that left Google to “blow through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time” and run up a backorder with HTC. Interestingly, Google specifically points out that HTC is doing a good job with manufacturing despite the AMOLED shortage, which leads us to wonder whether the SLCD version is shipping in quantity yet — and considering how the Nexus One and Desire are well into midlife, we wonder whether it makes sense to even bother at this point when we’ve got next-gen products just around the corner. Good news is that Google still seems committed to getting Nexus Ones back in stock for developers, we just don’t know when that’s going to happen.


Google calls Oracle’s lawsuit an attack on open source Java

Google has responded to Oracle’s lawsuit alleging patent and copyright infringements in Google’s Android operation system and specifically in its Dalvik VM; “We are disappointed Oracle has chosen to attack both Google and the open-source Java community with this baseless lawsuit” said a Google spokesperson. The company also pledged to “strongly defend open-source standards” and to “continue to work with the industry to developer the Android platform. Continue reading

Oracle sues Google over Android

Oracle has launched a patent and copyright infringement law suit against Google regarding its use of the Java on Android devices. In a brief statement Oracle said “In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property”. Continue reading