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How to Speed Up Your Old or Sluggish Android Device

How to Speed Up Your Old or Sluggish Android Device

Whether you’re resisting the temptation to upgrade to newer, faster hardware, or a year’s worth of use has made your Android phone feel slow and laggy, here are some ways to make your older phone run a bit smoother.

This guide provides a number of tips you can use to speed up your phone, and while not every tip will apply to you or your phone, you should find at least a few tips in here that will. Whether you’ve rooted your phone, overclocked, flashed a new ROM, or none of the above, you’ll be able to take advantage of a number of the tweaks below to get your phone from sluggish and glitchy to quick and smooth. Continue reading


Edit Google Documents on Android and iOS

It’s now possible to, not only view filed documents on the Google Docs online application using an Android or an Apple iOS device, but users can now also edit them as well. Editing capabilities were previously restricted to desktop systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X or Linux-based PCs. Continue reading

Android holes allow secret installation of apps

Security researchers have demonstrated two vulnerabilities that allow attackers to install apps on Android and its vendor-specific implementations without a user’s permission. During normal installation, users are at least asked to confirm whether an application is to have certain access rights. Bypassing this confirmation request reportedly allows spyware or even diallers to be installed on a smartphone. Continue reading

Step by Step Guide to Install Android (Froyo) on iPhone 2G – iPhone 3G with Bootlace 2.1 Cydia Jailbreak App.

Quite sometime back we shared a detailed tutorial to Install the Android on iPhone 2G/3G using iPhoDroid which was quite popular until now. However with the Release of BootLace 2.1 a Cydia App you do not need to go through that lengthy procedure and above all everything is installed just right from your iPhone, You don’t have to connect it to your computer either.

Supported Devices and iOS (Excluding GM seeds):

  • iPhone 2G running on iOS 3.1.2 – 3.1.3
  • iPhone 3G running on iOS 3.1.2 – 3.1.3 – 4.0 – 4.0.1 – 4.0.2 – 4.1 Continue reading

Five Alternative Android Keyboards to Speed Up Mobile Touch Typing

Five Alternative Android Keyboards to Speed Up Mobile Touch Typing

Let’s face it: Typing on your touchscreen phone with your big fat fingers is still too difficult and error-prone. These alternate Android keyboards aim to make text entry on a tiny touchscreen faster and easier using radical redesigns and smarter predictive text.

Ed. note: We’ve featured most of these keyboards on their own at Lifehacker, but here’s a nice side-by-side comparison of some of the best alternate Android keyboards. Continue reading

Back door exploit for Android phones

A security expert working at Alert Logic has published a demonstration back door exploit for smartphones running Android. Criminals could use the principles of this exploit to gain control of a phone and install trojans. A potential victim need only call a malicious web site for infection to occur. Continue reading

Security firm reportedly discovered 88 critical holes in Android

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Security analysts Coverity have reportedly found 88 critical vulnerabilities in the kernel of Google’s open source Android mobile operating system. When analysing a HTC (Droid) Incredible running Android 2.1, Coverity say they encountered such problems as uninitialised variables and memory corruptions. Continue reading