Edit Google Documents on Android and iOS

It’s now possible to, not only view filed documents on the Google Docs online application using an Android or an Apple iOS device, but users can now also edit them as well. Editing capabilities were previously restricted to desktop systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X or Linux-based PCs.

The new features follow Google’s announcement in September that it planned to make the online office suite progressively more accessible to smartphones and tablets. Users with access to a shared document can perform simultaneous and multiple edits. Google added mobile edit, sort and filter capabilities to Google Docs spreadsheets back in February and these are of course still supported.

These new mobile features, and a number of new desktop features such as improved document quality when uploading or importing, are the result of a re-write of Google Docs that started over a year ago – Google Docs was first introduced almost four years ago.

The new editing functions are available to Google Docs users who have set their language preference to English. Google says that support for additional languages is to follow. Devices with either Android version 2.2 or iOS version 3.0 or later are supported.



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