Google: Android Market has 100,000 apps

Android Market

Following unofficial reports from August that the Android Market had surpassed 100,000 applications, Google has confirmed via a poston the official Android Developer (AndroidDev) Twitter account that this is the case.

The major milestone comes just than three months after the market reached 70,000 apps in mid-July, up from 30,000 apps in March of this year. However, when it comes to apps, Apple is still in the lead. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the company’s earnings call last week, the Apple App store now contains more than 300,000 applications.

Earlier this month, users running older versions of Google’s open source Android mobile operating system received an update to the Android Market application. The update added features previously only available to Android 2.2 “Froyo” users, such as a new tabbed layout for individual applications and the ability to automatically update apps.

Just before that, Google had updated the market to display app prices in users’ local currency; in the UK, all of the paid apps with converted prices now have a “~” symbol in front of a pounds sterling price. Previously, prices for foreign paid applications were displayed in the local currency of the developer, not a user’s local currency.



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