Android mini collectibles contest

Alrighty folks, this is the contest you’ve all been waiting for, we’re finally giving away theDYZPlastic Android Mini Collectibles.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The contest will run for one week before we start announcing winners. On October 27th, we will announce one winner per day on our InfoByte podcast. That winner MUST contact us on the same day that we announce that they’ve won. If they don’t contact us by 11:59pm CST on the day they were announced as the winner, then there will be no winner that day and that will be one extra mini collectible up for grabs.  (We’ll let you know if there wasn’t a winner)

We will continue to announce a new winner each day, Monday through Friday, until we have successfully given out all ten mini collectibles.

Now let’s get to the requirements:

Next, you must do ONE of the following (whichever you prefer)

  • Post in this forum thread: I subscribed to the InfoByte and I’m trying to win a mini-collectible

After you’ve done ONE of the above things, you just need to sit back and wait. We’ll be announcing the first winner on October 27th via the InfoByte podcast. If we pick your name, you will need to contact us via whatever method you submitted your entry. So send us a message on Facebook if you posted your entry there. Tweet at @TalkAndroid if that’s how you entered. Finally, if you entered in the forum post, then you just need to send a PM to sdy284

So that’s it folks. It looks complicated, but just subscribe to our InfoByte podcast and enter using the method of your choice.





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