A spy phone program is out

A HACKER has written a program to spy on phones that can be remotely controlled via SMS text messages.

The ingenious Phone Espionage Suite is coded so it will install silently from a SD card. Once installed it can harvest an array of personal user information from the targeted phone, including its number, deleted call logs and SMS logs. It can also retrieve the external IP address of the phone if it’s online.

The software allows the phone to be remotely controlled by SMS text messages, leaving no trace. Any commands sent to the phone are silently received and deleted straight away with the information requests sent straight back to the person controlling the phone. Quite how you can install it onto someone else’s phone without getting caught isn’t covered.

The programmer wrote the code so that the software is hard to discover. It doesn’t show up under installed programs and it re-installs itself whenever the phone is rebooted because the executable file is embedded in the memory card.

The latest 0.95 beta version fixes some GPRS problems users were having in previous updates. FTP commands are working and there’s an updated locking feature.

Most hackers write this stuff because they can. It’s not about intent of use – that is in the hands of the user – it’s about demoing their skills to others to show what they can do. In fact, Chetstriker, who wrote the program blogged his ethical statement for all to read.

“This is just a tool, it can be used for good or bad depending on the intent of the user. For me this is just an exploration of what can be done,” he said.

“Not talking about or hiding and suppressing information about what can be done does not make anyone safer. In fact I believe it to be quite the opposite,” he concluded.



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