Skype for Android hacked to run over 3G in the US


So how annoying is this, Skype for Android just gets released and what’s this? It’s locked to wifi calls only? Scott how can this be? I know that’s what exactly ran through all your heads. Hey, that’s what ran through mine (well except for that Scott part, my ego hasn’t reached “referring to self in 3rd person mode” yet.)

Anyway, I just received this tasty .apk file from Matthew aka xeudoxus over at droidforums. What Matt has done is unlocked the Skype app to allow Skype calls to be made over 3G. Pretty cool stuff eh?

Now to install this unlocked version of Skype do the following:


  1. UNINSTALL the original version of Skype before installing this version
  2. Download the Skype3G zip file, and unzip it
  3. Once unzipped, throw the .apk onto your microSD card
  4. Install the .apk via your file manager of choice
  5. Run the app & enjoy your 3G Skype calls!

Pretty simple eh?


  1. thanks for sharing, this is useful information…

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