Ruboto: Android App development with Ruby

Ruboto Logo

One of the projects supported by this year’sRuby Summer of Code (RSoC) event was Ruboto. The Ruboto project is an ambitious attempt to develop a Ruby implementation which can be used to generate applications for Google’s open source Android mobile operating system – Android apps are usually written in Java. The basis for the first release of Ruboto, built during the 2010 Ruby Summer of Code, is JRuby, a Ruby implementation for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

In a post on his blog, Ruboto developer Daniel Jackoway admits that the project is still some way from the point at which Ruboto can replace Java. The current release is a “super-alpha”, allowing Activities, BroadcastReceivers and Services to be written in Ruby. Jackoway says adding further classes should be fairly simple. The next version is to include better documentation, improved error messaging, simplified configuration and plug-ins for common patterns.

Further information about Ruboto can be found on the project’s web site andmailing list. Ruboto is available to download from the the project’s GitHub repository. As with all development releases, use in production environments and on mission critical systems is not advised.


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