Windows Phone 7 web browser vs iPhone 4 and Nexus One

I know you love a good fight: two or more opponents duking it out to determine the ultimate champion has engaged the human race since their very beginnings*. Well, like the gladiators of old, I have a video of just such a tourney.

PocketMobile have pitched the browsing experience on the only WinPho 7 handset to date — the

LG Panther — against the iPhone 4 and a Froyo-powered Nexus One.

The results? Speed-wise, WinPho7 holds up its own, beating both the Nexus One and iPhone to a complete page load (although the Nexus One displayed some text on-screen before the other two) on the first test, but coming last on the other tests.

However, there is so little a difference between the phones on all the tests, that it’s not really a clear victory for any device.

Unless, of course, you think about the old IE on WinMo 6.5 (*shudder*)… in which case this is like a rocket-ninja-powered victory for WinPho 7, especially as this isn’t yet final software.

But enough from me, you can watch the epic 10-minute battle for yourself, below.


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