FoxToPhone sends URLs from Firefox to Android phones

FoxToPhoneformerly known as SendToPhone, is an extension for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser that allows users to send their current web page directly and almost instantly to their Android-powered device using an address bar button. Users can also send any link, image or page to their mobile device by simply right clicking on it and selecting the appropriate action. Additionally, highlighted text can be sent directly to the phone’s clipboard.

The Firefox add-on takes advantage of a Google sponsored Android app from the Apache-licensed Chrome to Phone project. In addition to standard URLs and text, the extension can send market://sms:// and tel:// links directly to an Android device, opening each in the relevant app, such as the Market app, Maps app, Phone dialler and so on. The Chrome to Phone app and browser extension each require a valid Google Account in order to link a user’s browser and phone. As the app is powered by the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) service, it requires version 2.2 of Android or later.

The FoxToPhone extension supports Firefox 3.0 or later and is available todownload from Mozilla’s Add-ons site. The Chrome to Phone app is available to download from the Android Market. Chrome users can download the Google Chrome to Phone Extension from Google’s Chrome extensions gallery. A videodetailing how Google Chrome to Phone works is available on YouTube. FoxToPhone is licensed under version 2 of the Apache License.


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