How to make Skype video calls on Android using Fring

I had the Internet going nuts (sorry, always wanted to say that) when showcasing that Fring allows for Skype video calls on the Sprint HTC EVO. It’s the most popular Android video that I have ever produced, and also the most commented. Sadly, most of those comments are pretty much parroted versions of the same question: “How do I make Skype video calls on an EVO?”

To stop the constant questions and YouTube inquiries, I figured that I might as well make a plain-English tutorial to guide you through the process of setting up Fring for video calling on an EVO (and any other device with a front-facing camera, like the Samsung Epic). Follow these steps and you can use Fring over 3G or Wi-Fi wherever available.

1. Download Fring

Scan the QR code below or search the Market if you are browsing from a phone

2. Log-in to Fring

Log-in to Fring using the Fring User ID and password that you created in step 1. Remember, enter your USER ID, not your nickname.

3. Set-up Skype add-on

Press Menu > Add-ons > Skype

Enter your Skype username and password and wait for your information to sync. This could take a couple of minutes depending on your data connection, so be patient and have a drink (of juice, you lush). Don’t close the application while it loads.

4. Make the call

Browse the list of Skype contacts and press the person’s name.

Then press the video call button on the right.


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