Official OTA Android 2.2 Froyo update for Nexus One starts to roll out

Looks like last night and the wee hours of the morning some AT&T and T-Mobile Nexus One owners got a little Froyo update treat. This time Android 2.2 Froyo is official as Google themselves have acknowledged the update on the Nexus One blog.

The update moves the phone from Android 2.1 ERE27 to FRF85 and has been a much anticipated upgrade for the Nexus One. This Froyo upgrade is the first “official” upgrade of any Android device as the Nexus One is the anointed ”Google Phone”. The features that are the most pervasive are the ability to create a WiFi hotspot from your phone using your data connection (yes, for free), robust Exchange support, Adobe Flash 10.1 in the browser, better camera and gallery, multiple input languages, and speedier performance.

It’s good news that 2.2 is finally rolling out to as many N1 owners have been clammering and wondering when the update would happen. If you haven’t got it yet keep a look out in your notification tray for an over-the-air update. Also, if you are super impatient and somewhat of an Android know-it-all, follow the link to Google’s servers and grab the official update package here.

And by the way, let us know how Froyo turns out, will you?


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