DiskUsage Lets You Track Down Space Hogs on your Phone [App Reviews]

If you’re part of the ever increasing proportion of people that use their mobile phones as their preferred device of choice for music and media playback, combined with video recording and document storage, chances are at some stage you will be running low on space on your MicroSD card. Android doesn’t have a natively easily accessible way to track down what’s taking up all the space on your card, but luckilyDiskUsage comes to the rescue. If you’ve ever used a disk visualization software on your computer, then you’ll be right at home with DiskUsage.

The first time you run DiskUsage, it will scan your SD card’s contents and build a visual representation of the files and directories within. The larger blocks represent more space usage, with file/folder names and the MB used shown. You can press on specific directories to drill down and zoom for further details, or use multi-touch pinch-and-zoom to change the zoom level. I found this to be an excellent way of quickly identifying the culprits which occupied the most space. Furthermore, if you select a file or folder, pressing the menu key then brings up an option to ‘Show’ the file, which then is sent to your nominated program. For example, picture files are shown in Gallery, folders are shown in your file manager, text files are shown in editor etc. This is excellent for quickly viewing the contents of the file. Alternatively, you can choose ‘Delete’ which allows you to quickly delete a file to save space. DiskUsage is definitely a system utility I will be keeping on all my Android devices from now on; it’s no-frills, purposeful and extremely effective at what it does.


  • Quickly find what’s taking up the space on your SD card storage
  • Pinch and zoom for easy navigation
  • Very efficient and responsive UI
  • Allows quick delete or ’show’ of file


  • Does not allow moving of files or directories around
  • No customization of font size or colour coding

App: DiskUsage
Price: Free


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