iPad Hack Replaces ATT Modem with Verizon MiFi

Sometimes, hackers hack without any constructive purpose — they do it just because they can. This, however, decidedly isn’t such a case; in fact, it’s one of the more enviable hackjobs we’ve seen in recent weeks. Basically, a dude split open his 3G iPad, removed the AT&T modem, and installed the circuit board out of a Verizon MiFi, providing power from the iPad’s battery and hooking in the borrowed

AT&T antenna for hotspot range. The hack wasn’t without its trials and tribulations — the MiFi’s green LED initially shone through the back of the iPad’s display, for instance — but ultimately, the proud owner ended up with a fully functional iPad that doubles as a Verizon WiFi hotspot. It’s not exactly turnkey enough to recommend to lay folk, but at least Verizon customers can take heart knowing this kind of craziness is possible if you’ve got the stones for it.


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