ZipArchive is an Objective-C class to compress or uncompress zip files

This is a simple class for compressing and extracting files. It works depend on minizip, which is a open source zip format library. And it’s included in the attachment.

The major class name is ZipArchive, it’s easy to use, you can declare a instance and call initialize functions, and then call addFileToZip or UnzipFileTo to finish compression or uncompression. Usage: Add all the files to you project, and and framework libz.1.2.3.dylib.

include ZipArchive.h using #import “ZipArchive/ZipArchive.h”

To create and add files to a zip

BOOL ret = [zip CreateZipFile2:l_zipfile];
// OR
BOOL ret = [zip CreateZipFile2:l_zipfile Password:@“your password”]; //
//if the Password is empty, will get the same effect as [zip CreateZipFile2:l_zipfile];

ret = [zip addFileToZip:l_photo newname:@“photo.jpg”];
if( ![zip CloseZipFile2] )
// error handler here
[zip release];


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