Quake 2 on Android

This is a port of the GPL Quake2 game engine to the Android OS.

Want to start hacking right now ? try this :
svn checkout http://quake2android.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ quake2android

Install the APK into your Android phone

IMPORTANT NOTE : if you have problem upgrading, uninstall previous version before installing new version.

How to control Quake 2 using your Android phone ? see instructions here : HowtoControlsAndroid

Install the Data File

To use the Quake2 APK you need either the data files from the original game or from the demo version that is available for download from idsoftware.com .

Launch Quake2 application > press Menu > then Tools > then Download data file

You can select Id Software FTP or some other mirror as download source

.. or use manual download , see instructions here : ManualDownload


emulator : very slow, < 5 fps
HTC G1 with CyanogenMod (Android 1.5 custom ROM) : OK
Samsung Galaxy : OK, 10-15 fps
Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700). Something like 8-12fps
Motorola Dext / Cliq. It runs @ 10 fps.
Motorola Droid / Milestone (Android 2.0.1) : OK,  35-40 fps
T-Mobile Pulse ( Android 1.5, Huawei HU8220  ) : OK
HTC Tatoo : OK, 5 fps (too slow …)
Google Nexus One : NOK – Hi Google, if you want to donate me a Nexus One, please contact me 😉

Other phone : report me if it works !

What’s in

3D graphics :  hardware acceleration OK
Audio : OK
Controls : OK
Basic UI, automatic download of data file
stability improvement
accelerometer control


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