Now you can get Android on your iPhone 3G!

Remember last month when someone got Android running on an old 2G iPhone? Well, the same crowd who were responsible for that have come back with the OS now running on an iPhone 3G. Next stop, 3GS…

The developers over at LinuxoniPhone say they’ve got multitouch and WiFi running for Android on iPhone. But when this was released for 2G iPhones, the modders warned that it would be pretty simple to port it forward to the 3G – whereas the 3GS is going to take a lot more work. So don’t hold your breath.

What we think?

I noticed something interesting in the comments section for this announcement – more than one person is interested in seeing a similar kind of mod being arranged for the iPad. But we’re not necessarily talking about putting Android on the iPad here. It seems quite a few people would be happy just seeing OS X Snow Leopard on the tablet.


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